Norrköping revisited

I’ve been in Norrköping quite many time. After all I had one of the courses there which ment commuting 2 times a week for 2 months, but I visited the town itself barely 3 times.

This year it turned out that campus bus is no longer existing in its form, it has been merged with regular bus line, which made us very confused at the beginning if that’s the buss we can use for free (campus bus is free for students). And also the stops have change due to that, so we ended up in a place I have never been to, and totally lost at the beginning. Then we found our way to the university where my objective was to get a new greencup.

We visited museum of work, with a different exhibition than I saw last time, quite interesting as well, and shopping area, and almost missed our bus waiting on a wrong stop, which was right opposite the stop we took off at, so it seemed logical to wait there and then we had run for the bus XD

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