Tinnerö – the beautiful landscape next to Linköping

I planned the trip to Tinnerö for quite a long time. I heard about it from my friend from Bulgaria, and wanted to visit the place. The first try to go there was in June or even May. I checked the road on google maps, as always, but we got lost anyway… It turned out that getting out of Lambohov was the difficult part and we ended up lost (we started in point B, and ended up in A instead of C…). We turned back and finally found the street to lead us on the outside of Lambohov, but it’s gotten late and we decided to drop it and go another day.

Since then I’ve been trying to find time to go there, but there was not too much, as it was quite often raining :/

At last, 2 days ago it wasn’t raining, the weather was rather pleasant and in the evening I managed to get Alexander accompany me on the trip. We were afraid we got lost again, but this time, we managed to correctly confirm out location on google maps (spartphones ftw!), and in fact we were on correct track (but later we turned wrong.

It turned out that it’s not just a regular lake, it was a nature reserve: Tinnerö Eklandskap, and the actual lakeąs name is Rosenkällasjön, protecting the birds mostly (I guess). Anyway, the landscape was truly beautiful! I’ve seen such places, I’ve been through many wood in Poland, but that has been so long ago now, I don’t even know how many years, 5 maybe? It’s so beautiful, I missed those views! I stopped every 5 meters to take a picture of the landscape around me. And since we went there in the evening, sun was about to set, and the light was perfect, creating nearly magical atmosphere in places, shining insects in the sunlight coming from behind the trees, or patches of light on the ground which managed to get through the thick and many leaves of oak trees.

On our way back though, we circled the lake (even though we didn’t plan to, but continuously biking forward turned out distance is not that far), we managed to get lost. For real this time. We followed the path along the lake, and then went on path which seemed to continue from that one. We expected to fully circle the lake and and up in the place we started. But instead we reached some smaller village, and after asking one of the local people we managed to find our way to the city, although, we ended up on the other side of it, and had to bike home for next 15 min. This was we set off after 18 and arrived at 21… But it was worth it!

And now it turned out that  we got on the last turn… We were 0,5 km away from the point where we started to circle the lake *facepalm*

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