The point of this blog is to… well put here all the interesting things about my Erasmus year in Linköping, Sweden. For me, so that I can laugh off it later. And for my friends to update them on what’s happening to me :D

I have created this blog in 2011 as I was starting my adventure as an Erasmus student in Linköping, Sweden. It was a lot of fun reporting the changes in my life and describing the life in Sweden, going around with my big Canon camera and taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, green grass and trees and free-running hedgehogs and hares. The blog ended up surprisingly successful, and many people told me they found it useful :)

Right now, the blog is going to be my continuation of Swedish adventure, as I decided to go back to Sweden for master studies. The city has changed however. Now I live in Umeå, approx. 500 km away from the polar circle, so all the way up north where reindeers live! After having started with a Master’s program in Human-Computer Interaction I moved to the Institute of Design to study Industrial Design Intensive followed by Interaction Design MFA.

So keep it bookmarked, visit regularly and comment from time to time :)

E-mail: justyna.fryczak[at]gmail.com