Updates: IxD, IKSU, library lecture & projects

I was away from here for quite a long time. There were multiple times that I wanted to write something but there wasn’t enough time or I just didn’t have enough energy to go through all the typing business. I’m not necessarily back, just want to write about a couple of recent events. I’m a awfully busy person recently. But I manage to somehow deal with the school assignments, some extra events while being quite social with my amazing classmates.

Point one: IxD (Interaction design)

I applied for the Master’s program in Interaction Design at UID (where I currently study). I wanted to study that program ever since I found Umeå, but I wasn’t eligible due to lack of education in arts, and also lack of portfolio. I submitted my application in mid-January with a very weak unfinished portfolio, and to my surprise I went past the first stage, being selected from over 65 participants. In fact part of me hoped I wouldn’t get in so that I would have a chance to go for internships. But me and my friends went through the first stage, so now I’m hoping we will get in and have another great year with awesome classmates :D

For the Second stage we had to record a short video blog talking about co-design. I spent a couple of hours on Sunday filming it, and then most of Monday editing it, and when I was ready to send it in, I read the assignment again… and I had to re-shoot the entire thing. Thankfully it’s only 2-minutes long video. But first I made a video about my opinions about the method, not my experiences, as it was asked. So 2 hours before the deadline I filmed a new video, in 15 minutes this time, 1 hour editing and then uploaded it. I wonder if it’s good enough. Results will be announced probably around mid or late March. *fingers crossed*

Point two: IKSU

I finally got the IKSU card – the local sports center –  and I’m enjoying the full benefits it gives me. Despite I generally don’t like classes and workout in groups I decided to try out some here and I love them! It’s also easier to get in for classes than for a regular gym which is usually full, but at the same time I can never really push myself alone as much as during organized classes.

A couple of weeks ago we had a sports day at the university and the entrance was free. We booked beach volleyball and played it with classmates. Ever since we book it every week! Some of my best friend also decided to get a card so now we can also go to classes together. I never though I would experience going to the gym with my friends! Feels so cool! We went to 2 workouts this week, and I went to BodyCombat today as well. I love it. Plan for the future is BodyPump twice a week (for building some muscles) + BodyCombat twice a week (for cardio and cool moves) + ice skating + beach volleyball. Quite an ambitious plan, but I hope I’ll be able to maintain it for a bit. It feels great!

Point three: library lecture

Two days ago I had a lecture at the university library. The library encourages students for more participation and offers the possibility to share knowledge on various topics (and also pays quite well for that). I talked about the basics of web design. Even though I’m not updated that much on recent technologies the basics don’t really change, and there wasn’t time to get into details anyway.

The lecture went really well, and some people talked to me afterwards too. It was really cool!


Point four: projects

Recently we had a project for the university library, mostly about updating the look of their website but we expanded the area a bit more beyond the website. We also had a great group, where I worked with two of my best friends, one of which is also a web designer (but much more experienced than I am). It was great, learning more and discussing issues. And even though we’re friend we kept the groupwork really focused on the task without going on random private conversations. I think it was the best group experience so far, where entire group worked really well (I think I was the lazy one in this case).


Currently we have a transportation design project, and I decided to focus on snowmobiles and their controls. I always wanted to try riding one, but since I haven’t it’s a bit challenging. I emailed an organization which rents them if I could come and at least see them from up close. Still waiting for a reply. I got really excited about it. Seems like it’s a transportation type with a very particular community, and there’s a lot of passion and love for the machines there. I love those kind of communities. But then, trying to re-work a machine is gonna be challenging not to be viewed as a total poser who ignores their passion for snowmobiles.


All in all, I’m busy with a lot of things. And in the beginning we’re going on a trip to Brussels and Amsterdam with my friends-classmates. Best class ever! Finally!

My last day in Umeå this year

I’m leaving home tomorrow at 7 in the morning, it’s still middle of night and darkness here at this time (and in my own personal opinion too).
I’ll be away for 2 weeks, it feels so weird to be away from this place and school for such a long time, after spending there almost every day.

Today, the last day of 2014 I’m here, we finally got a proper day of winter, with snow and sun. Wonderful <3

IDI Class Blog

Finally this week we managed to get all the resources needed, and yesterday I set up our class blog. After long 2 months since it has been discussed, we finally made it!

Hopefully, we will have the motivation within the class to take care of it. If not, still, me and Felix are gonna take care of it, and make sure we upload content quite regularly :D

Onto he IDI blog >> industrialdesignintensive.se

(We also got a cool name for it :D)

I got a speech at HUMlab!

GamebonanzaSo this is all still pretty shocking. Last week I got a very unexpected email from one of the coordinators at HUMlab about an event, where an American video game researcher is going to speak about indie games. The email was unexpected because I got asked to become the second speaker at that event! Just wow.

HUMlab is the organization within Umeå University where I got my thesis supervisor. They’re interested in games, and organize events and seminars connected with them every now and then. So apparently my supervisor liked what I have written, talked someone else about it, they liked the idea, and contacted me. Wow, still can’t believe.

It’s nothing that big though. There’s usually no more than 20 people coming to those lectures or seminars, but still, being just a student, and getting a 20-minutes chance to speak my opinions alongside a video game researcher is pretty awesome. (Would be awesomer if it was a game developer, but it’s good enough anyway! I’m pretty excited about the fact she’s American, not just some local Swedish person).

My name’s on the poster, and that’s pretty amazing. All that is really incredible.

I will be mostly talking about the same thing as I did for my thesis, but I need to redo the presentation entirely (and get rid of all the formal methods descriptions etc.) and also make the presentation more visual and nicer. I’M SO EXCITED!

It was definitely a good choice to get in contact with HUMlab!

How to get a phone on contract in Sweden (part 2)

It’s simply not possible. super-extra difficult and unnecessarily complicated. (if possible? Still not sure.)

As explained in the last post, I’ve been hoping to get an iPhone on a contract in Sweden as soon as I arrived. Knowing I’m going to stay for 2 years, that would be a pretty good time to get an iPhone rather cheap on 2-year contract. I’ve spent the first year waiting for my papers from the Migration Office, and then the Tax Office, and then 8 months of being registered in Sweden, which is a requirement.

After that time I went to Telia, just to learn that my EU ID-card is not a valid form of proving my identity, even though I can cross countries on it without any problem. And that the only respected document is Swedish ID-card. I have also learned, in a Telia shop, that if I order online I don’t need the Swedish ID-card if I order from the internet, and then BankID (special certificate application) serves as the confirmation.

So I did order online, last week, paying 1699 kr from my account directly during ordering. I received a letter – an unusual-looking one that my parcel arrived at the post office. I went there on Saturday, just to hear again that I need a Swedish ID to retrieve it. But the thing is, I already paid, and quite a lot in fact!

I e-mailed Halebop about what happens with my money now, if I cannot pick it up, and why there is no information anywhere that EU ID-card (which I can use for EVERYTHING else) is not respected.

Here’s the transcript pf my support ticket and reply (originals in Swedish, Google Translated out of laziness):

I have ordered an iPhone 5S with 12 months subscription and payed 1700 kr directly. Right now, I was at the post office to pick up my iPhone but the postal worker said that I need a Swedish license. I have my European papers. In Telia store shop assistant said that I must have a Swedish ID to buy mobile there but I do not need it when I order online (only Bank ID).
I will apply for a Swedish ID card but I need to download the latest package 10/10 and it will not be possible now because the wait time for an identification is 2 weeks. What happens with 1700 kr I have already paid? And why there is no information that I must have a Swedish ID? I can use the EU papers everywhere when I travel and I‘m not used to not be able to use it.



You pick your delivery on the Post nearest delivery. Bring the uthämtningsavi you received and valid Swedish ID. If you have ordered the subscription is activated within 24 hours after you collected your delivery.

If this order can not be retrieved, it will go in the return and you will get your money back.

I think I will just give up, and go back to using my non-functional Samsung Wave, at least it takes decent pictures and connects to the internet, somewhat. Who needs comfort and efficiency anyway? Especially being an aspiring interaction-designer, having a functional smartphone is totally unnecessary. The combo of a Nokia phone (or semi-working smartphone) with an mp3-player and an externa digital camera is still as valid of a set as it was in 2006.