I’m organizing a Global Game Jam!

poster_v3-2So the big news is finally confirmed on every stage pretty much. Sometime in the beginning of December a friend of mine talked me into organizing a game jam (it didn’t take much convincing). I looked up Global Game Jam and it turned out it’s happening at the end of January.

Ever since I started considering working with video games I missed the opportunity to train skills “in action”, or rather develop skills. One such possibility was Eduplay Challenge, but in the end that thing ended up focusing on board games, plus I’m not really into educational games.

So, in this turn of events I ran to HUMlab to ask them if they would like to host the event and help me organize it, and I got a green light! Over the Christmas break I made a website and created facebook event. Today I chatted with one of the main organizers to confirm everything and get my questions answered, resulting in the site being officially approved! And then I also finally made the poster, to be printed and hanged tomorrow.

I learned there are serious organizations supporting game developers here and a high school with game design program. I just hope people will be able to join, it’s not many days left, but it’s all so exciting!

Sunset Park

Saturday weeks ago was one of the day of Sunset Park festival. I found the poster at the notice board at the university, read that it’s goth, electronic, alternative festival so I hoped for something similar to Nuclear Nation in Linköping (where unfortunately I never managed to go to).

Now, I’m posting about it quite late since I didn’t really have time AND internet to do that.

I certainly expected the event to be a bit bigger. I posted about it in Erasmus group on facebook and some people messaged me back, that’s they’d like to go. So eventually I met with a friendly group of Germans and attended to the festival with them. It all started really slow, very very few people, some dressed up, but not really as many as I’d expect. With time though the crowd started growing and when it got fully dark there was a decent amount of people. The “styled” group though was maybe only 7 people, 7-10 I’d say, they definitely looked cool though.

It was also really nice seeing Swedish people “warm up” with time, and slowly starting to move to the music as the next bands were coming on stage. There were not many, and again, in my opinion one of the earlier bands was much better than the headliner, but still it was an interesting experience. Watching Swedish people in the non-natural habitat, in a way.

I also have some movies recorded, that I might add later on, when I have a better Internet connection, since right now I’m using mobile internet of my flatmate and don’t want to use up too much of it.

Sweden won

Sweden won Eurovision! For some reason I’m so damn proud of Sweden. And happy to be here :D

I don’t wanna leave Sweden haha.

I’m getting a desk lamp tomorrow, finally, 4 months after move-in and 1.5 months before move-out lol.

Btw, I totally love my board and it’s length actually as well, but I need a new, better one since that is rather broken and used up. I think I want similar length after all.

Winter strikes again

After several days of nice weather again risen hope for spring April destroyed it all with rain and snow and ice hitting your face as you bike up the hill of Campus Valla. One of the worst weather types ever….

And Blindside concert today!


I wanted to wear my Iron Fists, but with such a weather… cold and rainy I don’t wanna damage my health and feet. I hope it won’t rain, gotta go buy an umbrella.

Visualization Center and Norrköping

First off, I finally started doing Webprogramming labs. I passed the first assignment yesterday, and I have deadline for the next TWO until next week, perfect. But, well, it is possible. All the comment I got while passing the assignment yesterday was “That is a beautiful interface“, well, thank you, but I was expecting questions or something… Anyway, it’s okay. I passed, so I will have to work during the weekend on the rest.

Yesterday we made a trip to Norrköping, and Ania was lucky enough to come on a week when we had a scheduled trip to Visualization Center. It’s quite difficult to get there individually and mostly impossible to see the breathtaking dome show. Our teacher was nice enough to let her come along, so we’ve seen entire known universe in 21 minutes on a sphere-like 14-meter-radius dome-screen and later some live show of air traffic control over Sweden. And then there was some time to spend on interactive exhibitions, big touch displays, etc. Personally, I liked the most the mind ball. You put on a head-band that sent some kind of impulses, sat opposite another person, there was a small ball in between of you. The person who was more relaxed had the ability to push the ball towards the opponent and thus win. I won against Ania, quite easily, lol (sorry :P). I didn’t have to do anything, just sat there, didn’t think about anything, could chatter and stuff, it was fun, and seeing how other people had problems with moving the ball focusing on it.

Then we walked a bit around Norrköping and went home, with beautiful weather that made almost all the snow from previous days melt… That’s how Ryd got it’s own lake in the middle of the bike lane! What a fun was it to go through 10-15 cm of water on a bike :D

Full-blown spring, isn’t it?