I went to a flea market

Apparently flea markets (loppis) are sort of a tradition in this city and many people participate in those. From what I’ve heard, they are organized each month, every time in different place. The one today was in one of the university buildings. And that was a perfect location for me. Since I just moved recently I hoped to buy some things for my new room. I have never been to a flea market here, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I went to the university a bit earlier, to look for an ATM, since I had no cash after yesterday (there was a traditional Christmas market yesterday in another part of the city). And the people were already gathering! even though it was 15 minutes before. I managed to finally withdraw money (I tried 2 days before and yesterday as well, and failed). I was so happy I came earlier, because 5-10 minutes later the line to the ATM was really long.

When they finally opened the door people started pushing in like crazy! I didn’t expect that. It turned out that most of the stuff people were selling were clothes and toys for kids. But still I managed to find something for myself. The coolest things I found were green Converse sneakers for 100 kr and Marvel poster for 5 kr. The prices overall were really shocking! Like really, I didn’t expect anything, especially clothes to be so cheap!So I bought:

  • pictures for decoration (10 kr per one) – they were all so lovely, there was 9 small ones and one big; all the small ones were so beautiful, but I didn’t need all… And they were unimaginably cheap
  • green Converse – perfectly my size! Used but in good condition. There were also blue ones, much newer, same price, but I just liked the green ones better. Also my current green shoes are falling apart… And I don’t have any low Converse, only the above-ankle ones.
  • a pillow – I need one if I wanted to sit against the wall. The ones I’ve seen for 20 kr in Jysk were just terrible, and this one is nice and thick, it’s a bit dirty, but I can put it in another fabric. It’s so perfect, and only 5 kr!
  • a trash bin – a small one for my room, since I didn’t manage to buy any at a shop a couple days ago; I also wanted to buy Tekken 5 for PS2 from that stall, but it turned out there was a wrong game in the box (but it was only 10 kr)…
  • a towel – thought I might have a towel for guests, a tiny one, it was only 2 kr, and the pink matches my floor mat and soap!
  • a shirt – even though it’s 2 sizes too big, it’s exactly same one as my favorite green shirt, which is very comfortable and awesome, and I wear it all too often. I though I can somehow probably wear an oversized one anyway. It’s just that this is a type from 4 years ago probably and impossible to buy a new one in a shop. Plus I recently wanted a red checkered shirt.
  • a Marvel poster – just saw it as I was about to leave, when the seller was preventing it from falling to the floor. Even though it’s about Marvel comics which unfortunately I don’t know I still wanted, because at least I know some of the heroes there and I watched the animated TV series as a kid and the love the recent movies too!

Unfortunately, nobody was selling any mirror. There were some rugs, but they cost around 50 kr and did not look that good and were quite dirty, so I though I’d buy a new one from some shop probably. Still, I’m fairly satisfied with what i managed to buy. Most of all with the Converse, maybe I should have bought one more pair, there were also high white ones, like ones that i have, but mine unfortunately seems to be fake…

Dellie Maa blocks and volunteering at the movie festival.

1175394_1411612712390162_534500737_nTuesday this week was the day when MOVE festival started. I signed up for the volunteer work a few weeks before the festival, when I learned from my friends that there is such a need actually. I’ve seen the posters at the university and they did actually catch my eye, but I wouldn’t expect to be able to become a volunteer.  I thought it would be a great chance to meet some Swedish people, and obviously participate in a cultural event.

In fact, I did meet some new Swedish people, and the festival also gave me a great opportunity to challenge my own abilities. My work is to simply check tickets and shortly introduce movies before they start. This was I get to see at least 4 (obligatory amount) movies. In return I get a free festival pass, and I can see whichever movie I want, if I have time for it, a t-shirt and free sandwiches at the “festival staff” area. The festival pass for regular visitors is 300 kr. Definitely, it pays off to work here, even if not for money. I feel like the list of what I get in return is so great in addition to seeing the movies I host and therefore must see.

Today I was hosting two movie blocks of Dellie Maa “festival”. There are total of three blocks, all about Sami people (and possibly others who live in the very north). The last block tomorrow consists of 3 movies, and none of them has been made in Scandinavia, so I dare to question the Sami-focus in that block, but we will see, maybe I’m wrong.

The first block today consisted of 5 movies, 3 of which were documentaries or alike. And they were really amazing. The reindeers, and the Sami culture, it was all so amazing and involving (maybe except for the scenes of killing and slaughtering reindeers). That’s the truly “exotic” culture to me, and one of the very few that I would like to get to know more about. One of the documentaries concerned also other cultures – in Mexico and somewhere else in South America probably. They were definitely exotic as well, and probably even more in the word’s common meaning, but I wasn’t interested in the slightest. (They don’t have reindeers! – the only way to get me interested, haha). That’s probably because the Sami culture was the most unique from all those, and is also least known. The other ones looked like many other “poverty but not borderline poverty” documentaries.

There was also Sami people who came to introduce the films today, and they came in their traditional clothes. I wish I have stopped to take a picture with them afterwards, since I realized they are probably not gonna show up tomorrow. I do have a pictures with the Sami from Norway from a few years ago, but it would be still nice to have a pictures with the young ones who came to the festival today, and also the picture of me with the “festival uniform” t-shirt.

Since the festival started on Tuesday, every evening from Wednesday I spent there, watching various movies (not always interesting) and working. I should work on my studies as well. But after last week I need a bit of a break. And also, I really want to participate in the festival as much as I can!

I feel like I got to host the best part of the festival. And I haven’t even chosen it myself, and I was not aware. Lucky me!

I also decided to take the introduction of the movies in Swedish. I was prepared for today, but the Sami did the introduction this time. I might get my chance tomorrow, if they won’t come (which I don’t know). On the other hand, I “challenged” myself to speak a bit more Swedish to the visitors, and thankfully I could understand them enough to reply. I think I’m starting to feel a bit more courageous with speaking Swedish now. And I do think that the conversation class I’m attending helped me after all. I still cannot say a lot, but I also can say probably more than I expected, even if not fully correct. But it feels so great to be able to say something in a sort of less typical situation.

and i’m home

Last Wednesday I spent almost entire day packing and then my trip home started. Now I’m back in Poland 4th day, I guess. Surprisingly I do not feel very homesick about Sweden. Nothing really changed here, it’s almost as f I have never left. When I think about it like that, it’s the only thought that makes me sad, that’s being in Sweden was not real, but it was! I’m back in the grey reality here. Green stopped being green, and whatever I look at seems like there’s a layer of 10% opacity grey in between me and the object. But still I’m not missing Sweden that much.

On the first day right after arriving home finally around 2 AM, at 3 PM same day I went with my mom to Ikea to buy new bed stuff (since my old pillows and covers were really old). We also ate köttbullar (I truly hate polish translation of that word) with lingon sylt, and for desert rhubarb pie and coffee. We also bought some Swedish products from that small Ikea food store.

Apparently there’s much more people on bikes now in my hometown, and I am so surprised how much much more. Since I sold my bike in Sweden my first objective was to buy a new bike here, something cheap, nothing really pro. After all I’ve seen what kind of bikes ppl in Sweden were using, it lowered my expectations. Too bad I couldn’t find anything really cheap, but still found one bike on the internet cheapish and ordered it, and I’m waiting for it to be delivered hopefully tomorrow. Then I can finally join all those other ppl on bikes. Compared to Linköping Łódź is as flat as it can get, no uphill is now a problem for me.

I also used by longboard today. Must have really looked unusual. But since back of my ankle still hurts a lot I had to take a bus for the most part. It was fun anyway. I love my board. And it even works on this urban uneven terrain. I used the board to get to the university. It turned out that there’s whole bunch of paperology to do. Formal requests about accepting subjects, something is wrongly filled, something needs to be asked for permission, duh, I hate it.

And I came to a conclusion that the only proper transport in Poland is trams and buses. I would like to have a car, but driving here among all those morons does not seem too great. So, when you’re driving a car in Poland you have to watch out for morons in other cars (which is annoying). When you’re on a bike, you have to watch out for morons in cars who get annoyed at you for biking/being too slow/existing (and it’s not allowed anymore to go by bike on sidewalks without bike lanes). When you’re a pedestrian you have to watch out for morons in cars who by no means will let you cross the road on a zebra crossing, and will speed on orange-changing-to-red light. So out of all those public transport seems most convenient. After all worst can happen to you there is just being robbed.

Oh, btw, I’m gonna upload pics from Tradgårdsföreningen and other places sometime soon.

Tinnerö – the beautiful landscape next to Linköping

I planned the trip to Tinnerö for quite a long time. I heard about it from my friend from Bulgaria, and wanted to visit the place. The first try to go there was in June or even May. I checked the road on google maps, as always, but we got lost anyway… It turned out that getting out of Lambohov was the difficult part and we ended up lost (we started in point B, and ended up in A instead of C…). We turned back and finally found the street to lead us on the outside of Lambohov, but it’s gotten late and we decided to drop it and go another day.

Since then I’ve been trying to find time to go there, but there was not too much, as it was quite often raining :/

At last, 2 days ago it wasn’t raining, the weather was rather pleasant and in the evening I managed to get Alexander accompany me on the trip. We were afraid we got lost again, but this time, we managed to correctly confirm out location on google maps (spartphones ftw!), and in fact we were on correct track (but later we turned wrong.

It turned out that it’s not just a regular lake, it was a nature reserve: Tinnerö Eklandskap, and the actual lakeąs name is Rosenkällasjön, protecting the birds mostly (I guess). Anyway, the landscape was truly beautiful! I’ve seen such places, I’ve been through many wood in Poland, but that has been so long ago now, I don’t even know how many years, 5 maybe? It’s so beautiful, I missed those views! I stopped every 5 meters to take a picture of the landscape around me. And since we went there in the evening, sun was about to set, and the light was perfect, creating nearly magical atmosphere in places, shining insects in the sunlight coming from behind the trees, or patches of light on the ground which managed to get through the thick and many leaves of oak trees.

On our way back though, we circled the lake (even though we didn’t plan to, but continuously biking forward turned out distance is not that far), we managed to get lost. For real this time. We followed the path along the lake, and then went on path which seemed to continue from that one. We expected to fully circle the lake and and up in the place we started. But instead we reached some smaller village, and after asking one of the local people we managed to find our way to the city, although, we ended up on the other side of it, and had to bike home for next 15 min. This was we set off after 18 and arrived at 21… But it was worth it!

And now it turned out that  we got on the last turn… We were 0,5 km away from the point where we started to circle the lake *facepalm*