Night trip to the river

A few night ago we went out because it seemed pretty nice outside, the sky was clear, and supposedly it’s falling stars time. We ended up by the river, hoping to find a dark enough place which allows to see the sky. In turn we saw wonderfully lit city, and decided to come back next time with a camera. It’s one of the very first times for me to take night pictures, and I didn’t even know the proper settings for that, but I think it worked out for the most part.


Unlike in 2012 there wasn’t long drinking party, but we went to the lake. And apart from my classmates there was a bunch of people I didn’t know. However, I focused more on wandering about taking pictures rather than talking to people. The view was breathtaking.

It was raining entire day today and most of today, but it cleared up around 6 PM, so it was perfect! The pictures are taken around 9 PM. Temperature, though, 10 degrees Celsius. That’s northern summer for you! LOL

Hunting Northern Lights

Northern light (or Aurora Borealis) was definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to come all the way north to Umeå. This is definitely something that’s on my “must experience” list. However, I would never expect that to happen before winter comes.

Apparently 2 days ago, when I was tired and already sleeping some people were lucky enough too see this pretty sky display. Living in the city center I don’t think I’d get the chance to see it anyway.
University photographer apparently manage to take some wonderful pictures of the sort of premature northern lights in August, that showed up 2 days ago over the university. Pictures here.

Following that amazing news piece and weather forecast we headed to the nearby lake Nydalasjön to hopefully experience that phenomenon all together in a proper scenery. But as it is in those situations usually – we weren’t lucky enough. The northern light did not appear on that night. There was just a very very faint silhouette of them on the horizon. Of course, I went prepared with a camera and and tips how to take a proper night picture, but i couldn’t really apply those. However, what seemed very very faint to the bare eye came out much more distinct on a picture, at least on my camera display. Then again,  on the computer it doesn’t look as good as on the camera, but I might fiddle with editing the pictures later on, to get out of them what should be visible. That’s all I got for now though. I hope to see a much nicer display in the winter though. If there are already some happening now it much be really amazing in the winter, if/when that happens. I wish I could see this Brother Bear scenery.

Other than that I bought a bike today. I had to put it together myself, since they only sell them in boxes where the bike is basically in pieces. That was quite a stressful experience, even though it was my second time putting bike together. Hopefully, it won’t fall apart later, haha.

It’s only a week.

I can hardly believe it’s only a week left until I start my adventure at Umeå. Honestly, I’m quite stressed out about it. Partially because of not having a permanent accommodation secured yet. The housing situation seems nearly as bad as in Linköping. This time though I have some experience dealing with it and try my hardest looking for apartment everywhere I could. And also I have the advantage of understanding Swedish and being able to use it a bit myself. I’m really surprised by the lack of offers for sharing an apartment. That’s definitely my preferred option and I cannot seem to find much of those. I liked the corridor life but it would be so nice sharing an apartment with other people (Swedish preferably, cause foreigners are weird >_>).

One box have been sent out today. Due to the difficult housing situation I had to change my travel schedule, so this way instead of arriving in Umeå on August 22, I will go to Linköping first, repack and go on a train to Umeå on the night of August 25/26. Good that I get to see my friend there though. I’m both excited and worried, and I dread the packing time. I hate packing.

Now I gotta spend this remaining week meeting my friend for the last time until I come back home probably for Christmas. And playing the games as much as I can while I can, because upon arriving to Sweden I don’t think I’ll have any access to a TV for a few weeks at least.

The come back trip

I arrived in Sweden today. I’m visiting friends for a week, since one of them has birthday, and I wanted to be here for the party.

I had to get up at 5:45 AM to get on a train at 7 AM, and I managed to even get an earlier one. The trip went so incredibly smooth, like never before! Due to catching earlier train I was at the airport half an hour earlier than expected, but it seemed like perfect. I didn’t have to rush, but at the same time I was not sitting there bored. Actually, if I came there at the time I planed I definitely wouldn’t have the time comfort I had. I just hoped that the plane would not be delayed and would land earlier than scheduled time, as usual. Since scheduled landing was at 12:15 and at 12:30 I had a shuttle bus to Linköping, which meant I had only 15 minutes to get my luggage and get to the exit and then to the bus. The plane landed safe 10 minutes earlier, but I was still afraid that I won’t make it for the bus. Thankfully, I managed! Eventually, I was at my destination at 2 PM. Else, I would have to wait nearly 3 hours at the airport for the next shuttle bus. The travel took its time, but I slept some on the train and plane, and drank really good coffee on the plane, so I did not feel that tired.

It was the first time that I have flown at this time of year and also at such an early hour. The view from the plane was really stunning, although not as stunning as sunset I’ve once seen. But at we got closed to the ground and I could see all the islands and forests and ground half-covered in ice it was really beautiful.

We went for a pizza with the friend I’m staying at, and not that long after I had a meeting scheduled with another friend. I wanted to see how he arranged his new flat since last time I was there in October. Plus, staying at someone’s place doesn’t put me in the favorable position for inviting “strangers”. We talked some and then I wanted to play game, since that guy is the person who introduced me to Xbox, in a way. This was his console that I first ever played on. Back then we completed the co-op Portal 2 and tried some other games, like Resident Evil 5 and Guitar Hero. (Actually, it seems that I met guys through Guitar Hero, here in Sweden, lol, it’s true!)

I also picked up my new snowboarding jacket that I ordered to my friend’s address since I didn’t know junkyard ships outside Sweden… The jacket is absolutely lovely, but I am afraid that it might be indeed too small when I put on rest of my snowboarding clothes…