What now? (part 2)

It’s been a while since the last entry, and apparently there are still people who find this blog and read old entries – welcome, people! :)

But I would like to announce that this blog goes on hiatus for now. Not that difficult to figure out given last entry was in March, and both that one and previous one were pretty personal about the hardships I experienced. And I do not want to have this blog as an outlet for my inner thoughts, since it’s more for useful information. So I didn’t want to leave it at that.

Currently I’m still in Umeå, recovering from that last half a year at UID, but it’s a very slow process.

About UID, and IDI vs. IxD

UID is a very competitive environment. Which at first I really appreciated, seeing all those passionate people, as opposed to all the lazy student I studied with in my previous education. The good thing is that it’s competitive externally rather than internally. People work hard and encourage each other to work hard so that they leave the school as competent designers who are ready to make a change in the world. Sounds great, right?

Here comes the butbut it’s still a very high-stress environment. If you find yourself short of that epic motivation to  change the world, you just like designing, but it’s not your only reason to breathe and you don’t sketch every free 5 minutes you have you might eventually end up feeling… unfitting. Everyone will encourage you to do your best, to make an epic portfolio (emphasizing that you shouldn’t stress too much that it has to be epic) to land the best internship you always dreamed of. But if you just casually enjoy designing and thing it would be cool to work with it this hard-working environment and amount of encouragement might be overwhelming.

An ex-IDI student once told us that “IDI is the kindergarten of UID“, and it really stuck to me, because eventually I noticed it too. IDI was supportive, but relaxing, there was A LOT of socializing going on. We would do our work, and do it well, but we invested so much time just chilling on the couch and talking to each other.

IxD involved a decent amount of couch chill time too, but the theme of competitions, awards, doing extra stuff for the projects just to learn thing was prevalent. The constant “we’re here to learn” was very visible.

IDI was the entrance to the design world with “oooooh, so this is how things work here!“, IxD was “I have to do X, Y, Z to change the world through design“.

When I was in IDI I experienced the support of others and the family feeling (lots of social time, like I said), but that feeling was barely visible when I was in IxD. And I’m not the only one noticing it. The place which grew to it’s current fame and reputation started with that honest support and togetherness that motivated people and made them excel, slowly turns into a factory for designers where everyone will blurt out generic words of encouragement passing you on the way to their 15-hours desk-shift. Maybe I’m over-dramatizing here, but that’s how it started feeling to me. We talked about family feeling and support, but it became more of a verbal concept, a principle rather than something that you feel truly exists. But it could be a lot worse. UID is still friendliest and most personal place of education I’ve been to.

Also, the bonus is that you spend your 6-times-a-week 15-hours shift by a desk with regulated height (each student gets one of those!). So you can’t really complain :)


With that I would like to part my ways with this blog for the time being. Maybe one day I’ll come back here with an occasional update on my studies when I resume them next year. But for now thank you to whoever read it and found it useful :) You can still contact me on my email or facebook if you have any urgent questions, but I can’t promise quick responses, as this blog and matters around it are no longer my priority.

See you!

IDI Class Blog

Finally this week we managed to get all the resources needed, and yesterday I set up our class blog. After long 2 months since it has been discussed, we finally made it!

Hopefully, we will have the motivation within the class to take care of it. If not, still, me and Felix are gonna take care of it, and make sure we upload content quite regularly :D

Onto he IDI blog >> industrialdesignintensive.se

(We also got a cool name for it :D)

New Twitter

I decided to create a twitter account to accompany the blog, since recently I didn’t really have that much time or strength to type longer blogs. And I’m also lazy when it comes to importing pictures on the computer.

Also, in many cases there’s just no sense of blogging about making food or doing laundry, but I still like to report that kind of things, and that’s what twitter is for. I also do not feel like cluttering my personal twitter with all such stuff.

Unfortunately, my phone is stupid and iPod doesn’t have wifi or camera in the first place, so as much as I would like to share a whole bunch of pictures I can’t.

Anyway, there’s a 5 recent tweets feed in the sidebar and a link in the header. Surprisingly, the twitter is called andiminsweden.

I got some proper blog entries to write. I just gotta find motivation to actually spend time typing them.

Meantime in Sweden and Internet…

So, first of all, I made some cleaning up on the blog. Added missing tags, fixed confusion with categories a bit, I added some other categories.

I also updated university pictures and finally switched the “we live here” to the current version of “I live here“.


But what I wanted to write here the most is that, out of the subjects I had in Vt1 (first study period this semester), 2 already finished, 2 other continue (Swedish and Computer Graphics), and I dropped 1 (Webprogramming). So, Green IT and Human-System Interaction are over. Both of them finished with kind of a report to write. And I like writing reports, when they are interesting. And both of those subject were superinteresting. Yesterday I learned that I got 5 in HSI and just before I went on trip to France I got an email saying :

Thanks for the good report Justyna. Your report is a candidate for grade five once you make the minor change below and resubmit it to me.
– Please add a small paragraph at the end with your final conclusions on the assigned paper and the related work you have reviewed on future directions of your topic.

And so, I fixed the report yesterday and resubmitted it. I hope for getting another 5 :)

That study period was truly amazing! Haha, good grades and nice subjects. But because I dropped Webprogramming I had to take additional course this period, so I picked Intellectual Property Rights, and additionally Written English Communication. Apparently there is still something in English that I can learn! And apparently I don’t like going the easy way having only 3 courses at the time, lol, I’ve gotta have 5 always.


Oh, and I’ve gotten a Swedish friend, so I’m actually trying to practice my Swedish :D I’m still hopeless understanding spoken Swedish, and speaking myself, but let’s start from writing and reading, like I did with English. And so, even though I’m here in France, I get my Swedish practice by chatting on a instant messenger. (All hail Google Translate!) But anyway, I might be able to actually make some progress in Swedish.

Justyna: vi pratar om svenskar nu
Alexander: jaså
Alexander: några dumheter?
Justyna: det finns många andra svenskar som bleka hår
Alexander: *har blekt
Justyna: true
Alexander: *sant
Justyna: jag skulle säga “true” på polska också :P
Alexander: precis som jag på svenska :D

(GoogleTranslate safe, works fine with Swedish)