My IDI application (Part 1: General Information)

Some time ago a classmate made me realize that soon people will start to look for universities to apply, and will possibly search for more information about specific programs, etc. There is very little about IDI and it’s very vague, that’s why we started a blog to document what we’re doing there.

Here, however, I wanted to talk about application. The deadline still a couple of months from now (half of January), but I want to start with some information. I want to do a small blog series on my application for IDI. I don’t want to make a one extra-long entry about the entire application, because it would be too long. Instead, I’m going to write one entry about one or two aspects of application, and specifically how I applied. This was I can include more details, and have a non-lethal amount of text at once.

First of all, applying to IDI requires completing a home assignment. It wasn’t really clear to me at first, because it was quite unusual actually. Normally applications required only a transcript of records and at most a recommendation letter. So I’ve been asking myself Do I have to do it? How do I do it? When do I do it? How much time do I have? I’ll try to answer those questions now:

Do I have to do it?

Yes, they don’t accept portfolios for IDI. But it might happen that applicants for Master programs (who needed to send a portfolio) are dropped into IDI if they don’t meet the requirements, but the staff sees the potential. I don’t know if there’s anyone like that in my class. Most people applied with the home assignment.

How do I do it?

That is indeed VERY unclear. There are general tasks, but it’s not said in what way they should be realized. This school likes to “torment” student by giving open tasks like that for us to figure out. That’s part of the reason why I wanted to write about it – to sow how I approached the tasks, but there are many other ways as well, of course. If just needs to fit in an A4 envelope.

When do I do it?

As soon as possible I would say. The more time you have to think about the tasks and start thinking about solutions the better. Since I had only a week to do my application, I was working after my school classes. I had deadlines for other projects at that time as well, so time management was difficult. I just decided that since around 6 PM it’s my time to work on the tasks for as long as it gets. I did around one task per day. (Some took more days.)

How much time do I have?

Don’t leave that until the last moment, because they take time. I learned about IDI only a week before the deadline, so I had roughly a week (the deadline got moved, so I had about 1.5 weeks). It was really past-paced cutting-corners work, resulting in a tiring and frustrating week. I do not recommend that, especially with such open tasks. It’s good to have time to think.

Next time: Task #1 Visually describe yourself

First project done

During the entire morning and one hour after lunch we had the presentations of our hairdryers. Some people stayed until 4:30 AM at the university to finish them up. It’s pretty crazy for such a small project like this one.

I was sure mine would be the worst, given how little time I had, but in fact it stayed at the same level as other presentations. I also planned my presentation to be a bit more interesting and story-oriented in order to make up for the lack of quality. I think it worked. But quality surprisingly wasn’t as terrible against others as I would have expected.

hairdryerIn the end I noticed and understood many of us felt like ours was the worst in comparison to others. It’s just so difficult to look objectively at an own thing, being aware of all the flaws coming from either lack of skill or lack of time (or both).

After the presentations we had a short course summary and fika with IDI alumni, who continued their education further in this school. Unfortunately for me, most of them were from product design program and some sort of artistic background (either bachelor in design or architecture). They told us they learned a lot during IDI, but strangely I don’t feel like that right now. This first weeks were mostly about sketching, but all I’m told is that I need to practice more – what if I’m not interested in making great sketches? Is there any point in practicing like crazy for a month, if I’m not gonna carry on in this direction and the skill will get rusty over time, quickly? I’m waiting for the more meaningful stuff.

We’re also trying to work out having a class blog where we can document our time here, because no one really knows what IDI really is during application time.

And we also have a sauna at school! So we’re doing a small class sauna meeting in half an hour :D I need to work on my thesis, but I really want to go to the sauna. I think I need a bit of a free time after yesterday.

Day before the first deadline @ IDI

Tomorrow, we have presentation for our first small project (or actually second project, but first presentation). I’ve been staying at our studio for a couple of evenings this week and last week. Most people went home by 5 PM. Today, everyone was still there at 7 PM (or nearly everyone). Half of the class stayed until 11 PM. When I was leaving at 1.30 AM four people were still working. Amazing! It’s so much fun working at night with other people day before deadline, knowing I’m not alone!